I'm moving my blog to the Ghost platform, at least for now. As infrequently as I update it, WordPress seemed to be a bit heavy for what I wanted, but I want it to be dynamic enough that I can edit it from anywhere without rebuilding a static site (a la Jekyll, Hugo, Middleman, etc.).

But! Installing Ghost was not without its headaches. It doesn't play nice with NodeJS 12.4.0 (read: will not install), and insists on 10.x. So I did what I probably should have done in the first place and installed nvm, then 10.x (whatever the latest is) alongside 12.4.0.

I'm liking the "zen" atmosphere of the post editor, and it already includes the "card" format of the WordPress Gutenberg editor (I know it didn't go over well with some  people, but I liked it).

Going to have to spin up WordPress anyway to extract some data for another site, and I'll try to migrate my older posts here as well, eventually. There's some information there that I want to hold on to!

I'll be back with more later.