About This Site

The Name

Back when I was young and naïve (I think it was my third year of college, around October 2002), I wanted to buy myself the birthday gift of a domain name to call my very own. A devoted evangelical Christian and Bible study leader, I thought about the apostle Paul, and how his name was “changed” from Saul when he found a new purpose in life. Similar stories also happened in the Old Testament: Abram to Abraham and Jacob to Israel. I was also the brand-new book by Rick Warren, A Purpose-Driven Life. These thoughts together made me consider that I was searching for this purpose, and searching for my “name”, what I would become. A semi-apt metaphor for what happens in college.

Anyway, with all that background, I chose “Finding My Name” as the title of my blog, and also the domain name that I would (and did) buy. While many things have changed over the subsequent 20-ish years, I kept the domain.

The Content

The content will be mostly random junk, experiments and adventures in coding, thoughts about the state of the world and issues within it. Anything that catches my interest!