About Me

Inevitable Bias

Oh look, another middle-aged cis-het-white male on the internet! And yes, most of my viewpoints are from that perspective, even if I myself don't like it—that's how I've lived for nearly 40 years, and those characteristics don't change over time.

Slight Mitigation

Over the past decade or so, my viewpoints and feelings have evolved. I've realized that I'm not entirely cis- or het-; these are spectrums that I exist somewhere on, albeit closer to one side than the other. While my identification will probably not change, I am a little more aware of the issue than some.


You'll be able to tell by my spelling, vernacular, and some metaphors that I'm an American.


I reside in an unquestionably red (Republican/conservative/right-wing) state, but my personal political and economic views are far, far to the left (bottom left of the green square of The Political Compass), down with the anarcho-communists.


Here I'll just list a bunch of stuff I'm interested in, and these will primarily be the topics covered in this blog: